Death isn’t the end –

[bctt tweet=”If death isn’t the end, what is it that you leave behind?” username=”KoyamaRuth”]Most of us consider dying as the end and true it is the end of our lives, but it isn’t the END. The vast majority of us leave something behind. Those leavings may be family, friends or some other legacy. Sure we think about leaving something behind in the form of insurance. Just watch TV for a while, and you will no doubt see ads showing families talking how they feel so sorry for the other family who was having a hard time paying for their loved one’s funeral. The message is you need to have insurance; that is what you leave behind and if you don’t then your death is not the end but the start of a financial struggle for those you left behind. And I think it is true, that each of us at a minimum has the responsibility to have enough insurance to cover whatever bills and costs are left when we go.

But that is not all there is to dying.

Sure dying isn’t good for any of us. But the only person that death is the end for is YOU. Once you’re gone, you’re gone, end of story – For YOU.

What we leave behind can be good or bad, I want to focus on the good. I believe we live at the most wonderful time ever! There is so much we can leave behind that will be wonderful and most of all make people happier than we could ever have done at any other time in our lives. Of course, when we go, there is the immediate feeling of sadness, but after the initial pain, there is so much we can leave them with that can help them get over it sooner.

So for those of us who have not lived in isolation, our death is not the end. We have family, and friends to whom our death means more than just us being gone. I believe we can do more to lessen the effect of our death and to make our death something that helps them in their life more fully. I am not speaking of tangible things. We all leave things behind, what I am talking about is our essence. What is the essence of ourselves that we leave behind?

I am reminded of my granddaughter and even my children who always had this blanket or stuffy toy they could not go sleep without. I remember their panic if it could not be found. And I also recall their answer when asked why they need it so much, why wouldn’t another stuffy or blanket do? The answer was; it smelled like Mommy or like home, and that was what helped them calm down or go to sleep. That was the essence of someone and something that made them feel loved and safe.


Well, when it is our time to go to sleep what will we leave with them to go to sleep. I know for our kids now in their 40’s their most trusted soothers have now gone. The blanket at one point disintegrated in the wash that stuffy has lost all of its’ inners and the outer somewhere along the way. So what will they have to soothe them, and make no mistake no matter how old they get they will need something of us to help them through life.

How much do you think about what you will leave behind? When we are in our 50’s unless we have had some serious illness or someone close to us has died, I would guess there is no thought given to what will be left behind when you are gone. When we reach our 60’s our thoughts turn to our life and possible death, but beyond the tangible, we need to leave how much consideration do we give to what of US we will leave behind.

So I ask you when that final candles blows out  what of YOU will you leave behind?mourning-214439_1280

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