Conscious Aging Starts with You

Isn’t it interesting how a government provided health care system will pay for you to find out what is wrong but will not pay for you to get the medication to fix what is wrong?

Now that is just wrong!

It is even more wrong when many times the health care providers don’t’ know what is wrong.  For many people and illnesses, doctors just can’t determine what is the cause of the issue.  It appears that what they learned in school was to treat  diseases that were common years ago. Now it seems those illnesses have morphed into things they haven’t seen and are unable to diagnose or cure.

Given this current situation is it any wonder that it has become even more important for us to take control and be more knowledgeable about our own health.


It is crucial for us to age consciously, and to not just let aging happen.  While health is the first concern of aging, there are many other issues that will need addressing.  But we will need to be healthy or get healthy before we  can tackle those other things.  Most of those other issues will require us to more.

And what they require is something all too many of us don’t think about soon enough.  That is our brains.   This is often due to the stigma around issues of the brain such as memory loss and dementia that many fear and often refuse to acknowledge.  To be sure these are scary issues but there is some promising work being done.  As we age, we need to keep ourselves apprised of those works.  No matter what your age, even if your family has no history of dementia or Alzheimer’s you need to take decisive action to keep your brain active.

You can be part of the conscious aging movement by developing your own positive brain wellness program.

It is a surprisingly easy thing to achieve, and it starts with a conversation.

This conversation is with your doctor who can give you the latest information when it comes to research and pharmaceutical developments.  But that isn’t all you can or need to do if you are going to embrace the Conscious Aging Movement.  You need to educate yourself on the everyday things you can do to help prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, slow down, or reverse the disease.

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There are many things that we can do now, all we have to do is be willing to do them!

With that in mind now the time is now to start on your journey to managing your brain and your health.  You can create your own Positive Brain Wellness program.

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