Conscious Aging and Mindfulness make great life partners

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something

Consciousness is the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world

As you can see mindfulness and consciousness are pretty close according to a Google search.  The only word missing is aging.  No matter what your current age, 50,60,70 and beyond, you are aging.  The only relevant part is how you are aging.

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Aging when put less kindly is simply getting old.  Some call this the third act but in reality, it is the only time you are no longer have to act or attempt to be someone or something you are not. You are not free truly to be yourself while acting although many actors claim they are only free when they are acting.  For most of us it the exact opposite.  Most of your life you have lived and acted as was expected of us.  Now it is time for you to celebrate your life’s journey and to use the wisdom gained from those experiences to your own benefit.


There is a lot of fear and anxiety about growing older. The obvious changes in our environment, how much longer and healthier we are living has changed those fears.

It is those changes in perception that have brought us around to the four principles of mindful aging.

Inner Guidance

Your own inner guidance and wisdom bring hidden beliefs and assumptions into mindful awareness

Personal Wisdom

Your own inner, wisdom, beliefs and assumptions bring you into conscious awareness


Self-awareness is the final key in your vision of aging that recognizes the vast potential of what life still has to offer


Inspiration can be found in many forms, place and things it is your role to find the type of inspiration that works for you in your journey to conscious and mindful aging.

Conscious Aging is intended to help you:

explore your unexamined, self-limiting beliefs and assumptions about aging and to help you learn more on how to age more consciously;

Develop the skills to cope more effectively with life stresses associated with aging;

Discover what has given you meaning in your life and how it can enrich your healthy aging process;

Identify the negative self-concepts that have kept you from more fully appreciating what you have accomplished in the world;

Realize and minimize any feelings of isolation and use them as encouragement to deepen your relationship with the world around you;

Learn to manage your fears and those of your loved ones in the presence of death through the transformative power of surrender and acceptance; and

create a personal roadmap for the aging journey and learn how to make each moment matter.

So the moral here is that these two life partners are both required in your life’s plans.


The first conscious aging is what makes you aware that changes will be needed as you get older.


The second, mindfulness is what keeps you focused on making the required changes.




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