I am the youngest of 7, with the next in age 14 years my senior. They are all now gone and as I reflected back on their lives, I know that had they known what I have learned their lives would have been very different.  They could have enjoyed their lives instead of fighting it to the very end. So I packed up my own personal and professional growth journey – and chose to share that  information with others in my demographic.  The idea started the year after I retired and I was interested not only in sharing my knowledge from my 48 year career in supply chain management, but also my experience in surviving a very complex life.  I recognized that others may have also found life a challenge, and were looking for a better life as they got older.  I know from experience that it is possible, no matter what your past or current situation, to take control and live life on your own terms.  So while I still create a few courses related to my previous career, I focus mostly on creating books and courses for our aging population that I defined as the 55 plus group, which of course I am well beyond. 16 years ago  I made my unconscious desire to help this demographic learn how to make the life they want to live a reality.  I now do so by publishing books and courses on that very subject. From that point on, I have been unapologetically committed to lifelong learning and self-discovery. I use my journey as my inspiration to guide others in doing the same for themselves and in helping them create meaningful work and by extension a purpose driven life.








I am a fashion photographer and blogger, feel free to read the whole story. Whereas a trend often connotes a very specific aesthetic expression, and often lasting shorter than a season.

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