Being Close To Your Parents Is A Blessing Not A Job

How is your relationship with your parents? If they are healthy and active you are blessed, if they are not in the best of health it can be difficult.

Parents that remain healthy late in life tend to be more active and more engaged day to day with living. They are up for family gatherings but also have a life of their own they want to live.

Parents that are not so healthy often have you feeling you need to allow them more of your time. That time while not give begrudgingly does take away for your time and the time you have for your family.  But often parents are more resilient than you might expect.  You can help them to remain so by encouraging them to think of themselves as strong.

Being strong in mind and body is a choice we make.
Getting older doesn’t mean getting weaker. Often people don’t realize just how strong they are, but making note of some of the strong actions taken helps as a reminder of that strength.  Journalling is a good way to keep track.

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When you consider your parents and how they choose to live their lives the thing to remind yourself of is that it is just “their life”.  Often your perception of what they are doing in their life is not reality.  Small inconsistency in their daily activities while concerning to you may not be as bad as you think.

Having lived under your parent’s roof as you grew up may have you thinking you know exactly what they need to live happy and healthy. Just because you were close then and did things together and had a pretty set routine, does not mean that a change in that routine is a bad thing.  As they had to let you go and allow for you to grow in your own way it may be time for you to let them go and grow into age their way.  If they are not putting themselves in any danger, then you must not let the closeness of your relationship have you stressing or you stressing them about a choice they are not making.  It is also important to note the “danger” is relative.  What you believe to be dangerous could to them be adventurous.  Heck, just because they want to go sky-diving doesn’t mean they plan on doing it without a parachute – now that would be dangerous and might require some intervention.

The same is true if they simply enjoy walking and finding a pleasant place to sit and watch the world go by. The good thing is they are getting out and enjoying life their way.

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