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Being 80 ain’t so shady – Seniors are more tech Savvy than you think

Technology is not only for the young. I have many friends online that are well past 80. In fact, I would say I have more friends my age online that I do in person. Seniors these days have clued into the many benefits the internet has to offer.

Many of the friends that I have known for years are in fact several years younger than I, and they are much less active than my older online friends.

Those offline friends are on Facebook, and some even have an email address, although they don’t use them much.  At least not that they use to contact me.  I mostly see their comments on Facebook.

The factI I am about ten years older than most of my offline friends, I find it amusing that I use technology more often and in more different ways than they.


The online friends I have found have facebook fan pages, twitter account, blog, and websites.  I find it funny that many people I know often say I was ahead of my time and now I seem to be just ahead of them. No offense my wonderful, loyal friends, just sayin’. Although I don’t consider keeping up on technology and the internet has anything to do with being ahead or behind.  What it does have to do with is AGING and AGING WELL.

Anyone who reads my blogs, books or author site knows that my sole focus in on living well, living happy and living long myself and helping others do the same.  Staying active is not only about physical activity, but it also speaks to keeping our minds and by extension our brains active as well.  I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I struggle with more than technology, but would those little setbacks make we quit trying?  Do let my short term memory loss, which to say the least is more than a little challenging when learning something new,  stop me?  Will I let that stop me from at least trying to learn?  No, not in the least.  I know that keeping my brain nimble is the key to keeping the rest of me working as well. After all, it is what drives the all other elements of the body. As you can see in this infographic I posted on facebook the other day.  I believe in working it all.

Aging Well Takes Work


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