Is your Attitude becoming hazardous to your health?

Attitude,  what’s yours right now!

Are you Happy?

Are your Sad?

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Each of these attitudes has both a positive and negative effect on your health.

That’s  right they can have a good and bad effect. distressed

Being happy is a good thing because is helps keep blood pressure down.  Having a happy attitude also lowers your stress level. People who are happy in nature are less inclined to be easy agitated.

On the bad side being overly happy can have you overlooking certain things that hazardous to your health.  Just because you feel good doesn’t mean everything is good.  I’m sure we all know someone who was always seemed to love life, was full of laughter then sudden had a heart attack. Th Caveat here is to ensure you are getting the necessary tests to ensure that your happiness is warranted.

Learn what needs to get checked and when in this short infographic you can get your copy HERE.

An Attitudes displayed in sadness can also be healing,  Sadness usually occurs from loss, loss of a loved one for example.  It can even be experienced through the loss of a job.  Sadness is expressed in tears.  This emotion helps to you heal or get over the event.  Most often after this expression of sadness people help promote a feeling of relief and a lightness that allows them to get back to living life.

The negative effect of being sad can be lasting and if left uncheck has the potential for spiraling into depression. When the pain of loss is not acknowledged or expressed it can have long-term effects. Lingering sadness affects not only you but those around you. This type of sadness, when expressed in a negative attitude can be detrimental to you relationships

Even an complacent and compliant personalities can have profound effects your attitude good or bad.

  • Are you complacent can you see how this attitude one of showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements could be both good and bad for your health?
  • people that have a compliant attitude and are inclined to agree with others or obey rules, especially to an excessive degree; acquiescent.  Can you envision how this could benefit type of attitude could bother good and bad for your health?
The key message here is for you to pay attentions to your moods and attitudes, they are after all under your control.

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