Are you afraid of retirement? Maybe you should be,

because what are you going to do with possibly 25 or 30 years of nonworking life left to live.   How will you spend your days, evenings and weekend when every is a HOLIDAY?

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Life and living are not mutually exclusive, both require your interaction.

Having that much time on your hands means there are no real holidays.  What are long weekends, who needs them?  Not you!

Sure there will be important dates to look forward to, but unless you have a huge family, filled with relatives, your own kids, lots of grandkids or even great grandkids, you are pretty much on your own.  Yes there are provincial, state, and federal holidays observed as well religious holidays, but these no longer have the significance they had while you were working.  You were just happy to have the day off, the good news is that now you can appreciate them for their true meaning.  That being said even the 30+ holidays in some places are going to leave you with a lot of time to fill.

Too much time, too little to do to fill it?

So what are you going to do?  What will get you up in the morning?  What will keep you engaged until it is time to go to bed at night?  Television doesn’t even offer as much relief as it did when we younger.  Just how many reruns of the day or night time drama or comedy programs can you really watch?  Unless of course, it is these reruns are you sleeping aids.

Do you remember that Fleetwood Mac’s song – don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, it’ll soon be here?  Well, that can be a good thought or a bad one depending up what you have planned for tomorrow.  The message was that it will better than tomorrow.

If this is a concern for you, then there is GREAT news ahead.  I know it was a huge concern for me and I saw it in action as I watch my sister and my brother lose hope and interest in life.  They both died in their 70s.   Why, what happened,  you might ask? And while my sister (78) died of cancer it was one of the most treatable types, my brother died for no apparent reason   He was seen at breakfast in the lodge and was said to be looking just fine, but missed lunch and someone found him later in his room, dead at 76.  Why did they die so young when our grandmother lived until she was 101, and our mother until she was 93?  My point is I believe neither had to die so young and yes today dying in your 70s is dying young.  But I think I have the answer to that question, too late for them but not for you or even me.

But the answer for that will come in another post along with some more rationale as to why – don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, it’ll soon be here  – is a good thing.  Tomorrow can be better!

2 thoughts on “Are you afraid of retirement? Maybe you should be,”

    • Anne, the interesting thing about retirement is aside from the financial stuff we do very little planning. It was our jobs that got us up in the morning before retirement. We now need to find something that replaces that need to get up. Sure we are happy for a while not having to get up to the alarm, but that wears off more quickly than people think. Therefore we need to make a plan for what will get us up in the days to come. I am fortunate in that my writing gets me up every day, excited about what I can share. We all have something to get excited about, finding it may be a bit of a challenge. Make no mistake though, we all have something! It may have been pushed to the bottom of the list. Now it is time to move it to the top of the list. Take a look at the small video to see if it helps you and your husband.


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