Applaud your age and marvel at its accomplishments

[bctt tweet=”Who would have believed when we were born that we would take pictures of ourselves and our families and post them for the world to see” username=”KoyamaRuth”].

How fortunate we are to live at this time and this moment.  Many of us have witnessed more changes and challenges than our parents and grandparents could ever have imagined. Those challenges and changes have created our unique perspectives and abilities.  Whether we wanted to or not we have had to become more tolerant.  The world became more connected and took us along for the ride.

Each of us has lived a life that rivals any celebrities, we just did it without our every move making headlines.  Now though we can easily make the airwaves and many of us did so willingly.  Who would ever have believed that we would have the ability to talk to and even keep track of our kid’s every movement even when they are half a world away?

Many of us have a facebook page and share our thoughts more than ever with people we know and some we don’t.  The most interesting thing is that we don’t care, we have finally gotten over ourselves.  The world it seems has become more closed when comes to borders, the one thing it can no longer do is to close our minds!  They have been opened and now that they have been given a voice they refuse to be silenced. All those who in years gone by simply had no choice but to remain unheard and unseen now have a place to tell the world what they are thinking and yes, seeing.

Sure we may not have created the technology that allowed us to do these things, but we did embrace them and that’s an accomplishment.


We have done more, much more that just learn to use technology, we have had our own personal accomplishments as well.  We have opened our minds and yes our hearts to things our grandparents would have thought impossible and some even outrageous.

The challenges have stretched us in more ways than just our minds.   We have learned to stretch our bodies in ways that we might not have considered necessary earlier, applaud your success.


Some of us have even managed to learn and act on doing what needs to be done to improve our lives.  Twenty years ago dieting was a restricted menu used to lose weight,  today that menu has changed to choose a common sense lifestyle that fits our way of living.  That was the most difficult and impactful accomplish many of us made. Why?  Because most of us could never stick to the diet for long nor could we manage the grueling exercise routines that went along with them.

What most of us has managed to do was to choose a lifestyle that we can live with. We eat better now rather than trying to stick to unhealthy diets that the average person simply found too difficult and that we ultimately learned did us more harm than good. We have also led better lives overall.  Most of us are also taking care of our bodies.  We walk more, we get a massage, some of us even do yoga.  And the biggest accomplishment of all is that we do them on a regular basis, they have as was intended just become part of our daily lives.

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