What do your weight and attitude have in common?

Are you setting yourself up for failure?  Most people I know, no matter what their age or size will tell you they want to lose weight.  It seems to be the bain of our existence and the one thing that stays in our mind at every turn.  And obviously, it is on the mind not only the young people out there but the older generation as well.  We are all targets of those weight loss companies.

We’ve all seen and heard those commercial about losing weight. There must be thousands of them.  Most, however, don’t work and even less for those of us advancing in age.  Some of them are not even safe to try without some ill effect on our health.

With aging come a myriad of maladies.  The most common health-related issue being High blood pressure, followed closely I imagine by diabetes.  Strokes, heart disease, arthritis, and osteoporosis could lurk in the future for any one of us.

Many of these are also associated with our weight.  Something many of us and even our doctors associate simply with getting older. But all of these, I believe,  including stress, can be attributed to attitude. Many young people will never feel they are thin enough due to the perceptions thrust upon them by television.  But as we age our concerns over weight are and should be real, and our attitude towards maintaining a healthy weight must remain the goal.  If that requires a change in attitude by not being complacent about your weight, then change it quickly before it has an irreversible effect on your aging process.

Aging carries with it a whole different concern with respect to weight.  Our bodies no matter what the age need to move and when moving is limited due to the weight it carries it can and has proven to shorten our lives.  Carrying a lot of weight is also more painful as you age.  Bones that have started to weaken through aging are now more stressed as they try to support more body mass ( I hate to be rude and call it fat, which it is).

All of these things with respect to the body damage weight can have on us we age are self-evident.  What is not so apparent is that it is our attitude that can either help or hinder us when it comes to aging and being overweight. It is the simple things that work over and over again. You don’t have to be a kid to keep moving to the tune of a waltz in fact it is probably better if your are not. They don’t seem to have the rhythm we seniors picked up in our youth. Heck now adays you don’t even need a partner?

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o_RUAtY0hE[/embedyt]

I am sure many of you will relate to the common phrase used by many seniors -I am too old to doing anything about my weight.  I have written about it before and will continue to harp on it…….it is our attitude as we age that contributes most to how well or unwell we live what is left of our life!

Attitude is in my humble opinion the single most important factor to our well being.  And being overweight, while a difficult condition to overcome and reduce will require a determine “Yes I can” attitude.  And if you recall for some of my other writing you also need to confirm the mantra “if it is to be it is up to me!”

So if it is you back that is stopping you from moving get my book it will show you how to overcome it and to KEEP MOVING.

As this video shows it doesn’t matter how you move or what gets you moving, JUST DO IT>

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