The Aging Process is Complimented by old and new Schools of Thought

Aging Hasn’t Changed

The aging process hasn’t really changed so much over the years it is our thought process that is making the difference.

Samuel Ullman wrote; nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals.  Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm that wrinkles the soul.

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Fear Not You Control the Process

While the aging process causes many great concern as Ullman shares it is not the physical appearance of aging that gets us down it is how we feel about the process.

We fear most what we can not see but most of us can see aging.  When it to the aging process we get down right scared because we can see the effects.  It is true that the effects of aging are visible, but what isn’t is how our fear causes us to age more rapidly.


Don't stress yourself

You can’t beat the process but you can slow it

You can’t stop the process but you can take steps to slow down the process.  Given that your skin tends to be the first sign of aging here are some of those steps you can take;

Reduce your stress

(including the stress you put on yourself related to aging)

Manage your weight

(extreme swings in weight cause your skin to stretch with weight gain and then appear more wrinkled with weight loss)

Remain active

(the older you get the less agile you become unless you keep the joints moving)

Stay hydrated

(sounds simple right? You would be surprised just how little pure clean water you consume when you actually keep track)

 Aging has its’ benefits

So the moral of the story is the options today for taking care of the wrinkles on the outside are meaningless if we continue to feel their effects on the inside. As you work to manage the external aging process take care to remain optimistic.  Maintain your enthusiasm for the benefits that come with age, of which there are many if you take the time to look for them

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