What helps best to slow aging – lotions, potions and notions?

Everyone is looking for some sort of miracle when it comes to slowing the aging process


lotions for staying young

So what’s your choice?  The old adage is – pick your poison, they all have their downsides.

Which to some degree is true.  If you are relying on lotions you will be disappointed in the long run.  No matter how expensive the effects are short lived.

If your choice is potions, which is a liquid with healing, magical, or poisonous properties, once again you would find the results lacking or even downright dangerous.

Who knows what’s in this bottle?

Notions are another thing, they don’t have to put them on or into the body.  They do however have to be held in your mind as a concept or belief about something.

Notions only last as long as you hold on to them, which may be longer than the lotion is held on the skin or the potions are in the body.


think about what’s really important

When it comes to any of them being poison the facts are the same.  Some lotions are toxic and can do more damage to the body than good.  Some potions can, in fact,  be poisonous and possibly kill you as they work their way through your body.

So it would appear then that notions are the best remedy for slowing the aging process.  That, of course, assumes that your notions towards the process are good ones.  If they are not and you spend more time worrying about it than living it, notions too could be hazardous to your life as a whole.

So I ask aging which is your choice or poison?

Myself I choose notions.  Why?  Because they are the only thing I can actually control.  I have no idea what some else may have put in that jar of lotion and know even less about what is in that potion bottle. And when it comes to having a less that healthy notion I can feel the result immediately and change it.  That, of course, requires you to be in touch with your own emotions.

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