Stress feels like a storm brewing

Aging and Stress can reach critical mass if not managed

Aging and Stress are often on a collision course that while it can be avoided require your full intention for doing so.



Stress feels like a storm brewing
Stress feels like a storm brewing

Stress is with us through most of our lives some of us have just learned how to accept it better. The problem comes when we haven’t learned and stress starts to have a negative effect on the aging process.

Visible Effects Stress
work can be stressful

These effects include visible signs of stress;

shows lines in the face.
Unexplained weight gain
Unexplained weight loss
Lack of energy
Inability to sleep
Constant fatigue

Each on of these shows in our physical appearance which then make us appear and act much older that we really are.

Stress shows on our faces faster.

The result has us aging faster, we no longer have the energy to do maintain our regular activities.
Weight gain gives us the appears that no longer care about our appearance.
Weight loss has us appearing frail and unable to care for ourselves.
Lack of sleep cause bag under the eyes with makes look older than we really are.
Constant fatigue is usually reserved to the very old but stress makes making unable to go to events.

The result of aging and stress can and should be addressed at every opportunity.

You can effectively manage your stress.


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