Aging and Getting older are inevitable

It may surprise you to learn that aging and getting older are not the same.  We all age.  There is no avoiding it.  The  important thing is how we age.  For some getting older conjures up and manifests itself in how we look and feel.   Some of us base our feelings on what we see in the mirror, or how we think others see us. 

We tend to see all the bad while most people still see the good. We see the wrinkles around our eyes. others see  laugh lines which reminds them of the good times they spent with us.    

The fact of the matter is that while we see ourselves as old, most of us would not really want to return to our youth.

How often have you heard or even though, I would love to be young again. And how often have you added the caveat – knowing what I know now.

We all know that isn’t going to happen. We all know going back was never option. What many of us don’t know or realize is that we do have options when it comes to how we age.


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