Are you afraid of retirement? Maybe you should be,

because what are you going to do with possibly 25 or 30 years of nonworking life left to live.   How will you spend your days, evenings and weekend when every is a HOLIDAY?

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Life and living are not mutually exclusive, both require your interaction.

Having that much time on your hands means there are no real holidays.  What are long weekends, who needs them?  Not you!

Sure there will be important dates to look forward to, but unless you have a huge family, filled with relatives, your own kids, lots of grandkids or even great grandkids, you are pretty much on your own.  Yes there are provincial, state, and federal holidays observed as well religious holidays, but these no longer have the significance they had while you were working.  You were just happy to have the day off, the good news is that now you can appreciate them for their true meaning.  That being said even the 30+ holidays in some places are going to leave you with a lot of time to fill.

Too much time, too little to do to fill it?

So what are you going to do?  What will get you up in the morning?  What will keep you engaged until it is time to go to bed at night?  Television doesn’t even offer as much relief as it did when we younger.  Just how many reruns of the day or night time drama or comedy programs can you really watch?  Unless of course, it is these reruns are you sleeping aids.

Do you remember that Fleetwood Mac’s song – don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, it’ll soon be here?  Well, that can be a good thought or a bad one depending up what you have planned for tomorrow.  The message was that it will better than tomorrow.

If this is a concern for you, then there is GREAT news ahead.  I know it was a huge concern for me and I saw it in action as I watch my sister and my brother lose hope and interest in life.  They both died in their 70s.   Why, what happened,  you might ask? And while my sister (78) died of cancer it was one of the most treatable types, my brother died for no apparent reason   He was seen at breakfast in the lodge and was said to be looking just fine, but missed lunch and someone found him later in his room, dead at 76.  Why did they die so young when our grandmother lived until she was 101, and our mother until she was 93?  My point is I believe neither had to die so young and yes today dying in your 70s is dying young.  But I think I have the answer to that question, too late for them but not for you or even me.

But the answer for that will come in another post along with some more rationale as to why – don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, it’ll soon be here  – is a good thing.  Tomorrow can be better!

It’s not how old you grow it’s how well you grow old.

We all age different and we all view aging differently. You aging process is just as you pictured it. Let’s hope you painted a bright sunny day, with lots of love, happiness and good health in yours. That old saying – your are what you think – your thoughts as you get older can you to the highest mountain or the lowest caverns.

happiness is what you make it

If you are continually concerned about what is going to happen and you think it is not going to be good, be careful some of those thoughts might have your mind thinking they are wishes. And your mind just might deliver the wish. Wishes do come true, so make sure you wish for what you really want and push what you don’t want out of your mind.

Aging is better when you chose to Age Consciously Take our free course Click To TweetI am reminded of a saying that actually makes me laugh.

If wishes and wants were beers and chips we could all have a great party. (courtesy of unknown)

I laugh mainly because I don’t like beer or chips, so wonder does that mean I need to stop wishing?

Nah, we all need to dream and wishes come from those dreams. Never forget this uplifting quote “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”

There is still much to be achieved, no matter what your age. Let’s all just keep dreaming of a happy and healthy future for ourselves and we just might be able to achieve it.

Never, ever give up, give in or give out.

Recall the byline for this site – Aging – let’s do it different. We can and will if our thoughts are focused on the good life brings.

If you having trouble with that you might want to check out part one of my Conscious Aging Course.


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Aging is a process not a prison sentence

Aging is a process that changes with the time and your reaction to it.  Prison is a sentence that ends at fixed period of time.  It requires and demands no reaction.

embrace everyday

So how are you living your life?  Are working your way through the process and adjusting it where necessary?  Or are living out your life sentence with no thought to the future or then end.

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Living takes work in either case, would it be better to work on yourself than to have others work on you.  To be sure that can happen no matter what your situation, but the harder you work on yourself the less opportunity there is for someone else to work you.


life is a process

Life is both cases has a start and an end, it is what happens in between that that makes life good and even great until the end.

Where are you in the journey?  Hopefully on the bright side of living not on the dark side of life. No matter what your age, if you recognize where you are the process you will have a better chance of enjoying the journey.

The only true path to enjoying and living the life you want lies in assuming a sense of concern and responsibility for your own future.

Be present when indulging in what life offers, it is too fleeting and easily missed when you allow distraction in.  Like any process, life requires monitoring and adjusting.  Tweaking is not a bad thing and can be a good thing if done sooner rather than later.