Aging happens no matter what, why hurry the process

How you age is up to you.   How we age really comes down to how we live. Unlike our parents, the aging process is something we’ve come to realize is more up to us than a result of pure genetics. Yes, genetics play a big part on how we look physically, but they are not the only source of how we look as we age. These days there are many options available to lessen the physical effects of aging, even so, there are things that we do that can cause us to age more rapidly. Smoking is no longer COOL- Some get it, some don’t, or maybe they just won’t until it’s too late. So why do we still help rush the process!   In a time when looking old is one of the most feared effects of aging it seems ridiculous that there are those of us who continue to live with little care of their future health. They continued to smoke even after the deadly effects of it were told loud and clear. The effects of aging now show on their faces, mostly as deep lines around the eyes and lips for some reason.   Then there are the sun lovers, (more…)

Attitude may be the best natural medicine

A good attitude along with appropriate medical intervention can only benefit us. When and where ever possible we should not let any condition negatively impact on our lives. I often refer to an old adage that reads…if it’s to be, it’s up to me. What that means to me in this context is that if and when (when is probably more true than if) we encounter one if these illnesses it will be up to us how we live with and through it. If you are or have negative thoughts such as why me, how could this happen, I have nothing to live for, all the good has gone out of my life, then your life will be as you predict. But if you are able to view the diagnosis in a more positive light with thoughts of, okay what are my options, what can I do to make this thing not negatively consume the time I have left, what action can I take to ensure I do not have time to sit and wallow in self-pity, is there something I can do to contribute to finding a solution for this even if I myself can’t directly benefit from it? (more…)