Which bridge are you about to cross?

Some bridges create fear, but fear of what? No matter what your current age you will have bridges to cross. Just getting to the age you are now you will have crossed many already. The difference it seems to be as you get older some of the new bridges bring fear and some pain.   Some bridges can be scary. These can be overcome if you know you approaching them, they are more difficult when they just suddenly appear. Fear is something that grows within you.  Sure you may always have been afraid of the dark but, that fear doesn’t appear until it is dark. You are not afraid of it in the day time, you were not afraid of it yesterday in the bright sunlight. No, you became afraid when that sunlight turned to night. Many people that are afraid of the dark won’t have the same fear on a starlit night. The most common fear is fear of the unknown Click To Tweet and for some reason, that fear increases as you age. The most common Fear is of the unknown and for some reason, that fear increases as you age. So the question is what can you (more…)