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It’s not how old you grow it’s how well you grow old.

We all age different and we all view aging differently. You aging process is just as you pictured it. Let’s hope you painted a bright sunny day, with lots of love, happiness and good health in yours. That old saying – your are what you think – your thoughts as you get older can you to the highest mountain or the lowest caverns. happiness is what you make it If you are continually concerned about what is going to happen and you think it is not going to be good, be careful some of those thoughts might have your mind thinking they are wishes. And your mind just might deliver the wish. Wishes do come true, so make sure you wish for what you really want and push what you don’t want out of your mind. Aging is better when you chose to Age Consciously Take our free course http://bit.ly/2r1Yf6R Click To TweetI am reminded of a saying that actually makes me laugh. If wishes and wants were beers and chips we could all have a great party. (courtesy of unknown) I laugh mainly because I don’t like beer or chips, so wonder does that mean I need to stop

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Aging in Place is great! But where is the PLACE and at what cost?

I would guess that every one of us passed the age of 50 has at one time or another thought about what we will do when we get older. I don’t mean do in the context of what we do to stay busy, or what we will do to enjoy life. I mean what we will do about the cost of living where and how we want when we get older. The vast majority of us would probably want to live right where we do now. We are comfortable in our own homes, and that is what the term “aging in place” was intended to convey. But what are the cost and issues around doing so? So just how viable is the Aging In Place concept? I am sure most of you have seen the newest bombardment of ads on TV these days that are aimed at helping us with both of these issues. Have been in the buying business (a.k.a. Supply Management) I am a firm believer in the mantra “Buyer Beware”, which really means, do your research before your buy and remember most of what is offered these days does not have a “buyer’s remorse” period of time attached. So…..

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Don’t ask why, don’t ask what, ask HOW?

Problem Solved Isn’t interesting that when we go to the doctor, we tend to ask only two questions – what is wrong with me and why did this happen. We then wait for them the tell us how they will get rid of the problem. And I don’t think this happens only at the doctors. Too many times we are keen to find out the why, and the what but fail to seek the answer to the how. Sure we asked how this happened, but the most import question we should always asking is -“How”! How WE can help solve the problem ourselves. In my recent book – Aging Safely at Home, not in A Home  I wrote about attitude and how it is so important to how we live our lives on our terms. Your Attitude Is A Decisive Factor I would like to start this chapter with a famous quote on the topic by Winston Churchill that speaks volumes about attitude in a single line: ~ “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ~   Take that into consideration when you have the conversation with either your family or your physician about remaining in your home as

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