Aging is natural

  Aging is a natural process, but how you is what matters to most people.#age Aging means many things to different people. To some the concern is about looks, to others it is about performance, and another may be concerned about their body. If you are like me my concern about aging is more about moving than how I look. For years women have been the most concerned about their looks. It seems to me a recent phenomenon for men to be not just concerned but overly concerned about their looks. I must say that to some degree I think it’s a good thing. I can recall being young and the biggest concern the boys had was about getting enough grease in their hair to make it stay up in an Elvis do. If that doesn’t give away my age nothing will. The male concern about their looks today includes their skin, face, hair, and smell. Some of the products do surprise me. Such as very expensive colognes, but you must remember that most of the men I grew up with used Old Spice, which I see has made a comeback. Shaving was simply a battle over masculinity! You were (more…)