Are you letting aging just happen?

If you aren't aging consciously then you are just letting age happen Click To Tweet Are you Aging Consciously or just aging? Part One: If you are just allowing aging to happen and not paying attention, then there could be rough roads ahead.  Everyone hits a few bumps along life’s way, but those bumps can become more difficult if we are not consciously preparing for them.  Up until we reach the age of fifty the majority of people don’t pay much attention to the aging process. Sure they went through their twenties trying to figure out what to do with their life as they got older but gave little thought to how they would do it while aging.  Some reached an awakening in their thirties, but that was mostly related to the choice of career over a family and their biological clocks.  And while the timing of that clock it appears to be longer than previously thought, the choice of having a family did not. So between the ages of thirty and forty, the focus was more on what was going on in their lives than their actual life. With fifty either on the horizon or having already arrived the (more…)