Are the challenges of life affecting your zest for living?

Everyone faces Challenge in their life   Worrying about nothing? Give you head a shake We all face challenges some more than others, it is how we deal with those challenges that affect our daily living. Worry and anxiety can lead to imaginary problems Click To Tweet   When we were young the challenges of growing up seemed devastating.  We would have a fight with a friend and our social life was ended!  We broke up with a boy or girlfriend and our life was over!  Or so we thought. Getting older requires us to be a little more in tune to what events impact out lives.  Letting the little things constantly get you down may have them growing into huge mountains that can’t be climbed especially when as the saying goes we are already over the hill. It is true that we often make mountains out of molehills and that is why it is important for us to see everyday challenges for what they really are.  Most are simply an inconvenience that disrupts our day and should be treated as such.  Worry and anxiety can lead to imaginary problems, these can lead to fears that negatively affect our zest for living. (more…)

The Aging Process is Complimented by old and new Schools of Thought

Aging Hasn’t Changed The aging process hasn’t really changed so much over the years it is our thought process that is making the difference. Samuel Ullman wrote; nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals.  Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm that wrinkles the soul. We fear most what we can not see until it appears in the mirror - like aging Click To Tweet Fear Not You Control the Process While the aging process causes many great concern as Ullman shares it is not the physical appearance of aging that gets us down it is how we feel about the process. We fear most what we can not see but most of us can see aging.  When it to the aging process we get down right scared because we can see the effects.  It is true that the effects of aging are visible, but what isn’t is how our fear causes us to age more rapidly.   You can’t beat the process but you can slow it You can’t stop the process but you can take steps to slow down the process.  Given that your skin (more…)

Conscious Aging and Mindfulness make great life partners

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something Consciousness is the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world As you can see mindfulness and consciousness are pretty close according to a Google search.  The only word missing is aging.  No matter what your current age, 50,60,70 and beyond, you are aging.  The only relevant part is how you are aging. Aging when put less kindly is simply getting older. It may be the 3rd act but it is not the last act. Click To Tweet Aging when put less kindly is simply getting old.  Some call this the third act but in reality, it is the only time you are no longer have to act or attempt to be someone or something you are not. You are not free truly to be yourself while acting although many actors claim they are only free when they are acting.  For most of us it the exact opposite.  Most of your life you have lived and acted as was expected of us.  Now it is time for you to celebrate your life’s journey and to use the wisdom gained from those experiences to your (more…)