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It’s not how old you grow it’s how well you grow old.

We all age different and we all view aging differently. You aging process is just as you pictured it. Let’s hope you painted a bright sunny day, with lots of love, happiness and good health in yours. That old saying – your are what you think – your thoughts as you get older can you to the highest mountain or the lowest caverns. happiness is what you make it If you are continually concerned about what is going to happen and you think it is not going to be good, be careful some of those thoughts might have your mind thinking they are wishes. And your mind just might deliver the wish. Wishes do come true, so make sure you wish for what you really want and push what you don’t want out of your mind. Aging is better when you chose to Age Consciously Take our free course http://bit.ly/2r1Yf6R Click To TweetI am reminded of a saying that actually makes me laugh. If wishes and wants were beers and chips we could all have a great party. (courtesy of unknown) I laugh mainly because I don’t like beer or chips, so wonder does that mean I need to stop

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Aging is a process not a prison sentence

Aging is a process that changes with the time and your reaction to it.  Prison is a sentence that ends at fixed period of time.  It requires and demands no reaction. embrace everyday So how are you living your life?  Are working your way through the process and adjusting it where necessary?  Or are living out your life sentence with no thought to the future or then end. Where are you in the journey? Living the process or a life sentence. Click To Tweet Living takes work in either case, would it be better to work on yourself than to have others work on you.  To be sure that can happen no matter what your situation, but the harder you work on yourself the less opportunity there is for someone else to work you.   life is a process Life is both cases has a start and an end, it is what happens in between that that makes life good and even great until the end. Where are you in the journey?  Hopefully on the bright side of living not on the dark side of life. No matter what your age, if you recognize where you are the process you will

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Beware of the Anti-Aging Curse

No matter where you look, everyone is obsessing about aging and is on some anti-aging crusade.  Aging is, always has been and always will be a fact of life.  But the pharmaceutical companies are making a killing out of our refusal to age.  No one these days thinks that aging as graceful and they are not about to do so willingly.  With all the lotions and potions as well as plastic surgery available if you can afford it, you can look 10 if not 15 years younger than you are. How old is old? So is the anti-aging movement a blessing or a curse?  Does everyone need or even want to look like they are their daughter’s or even son’s friend instead of a parent?  Well, let me tell you what I’ve learned?  Some people need and do want to.  These are not movie stars.  Simple everyday people like you and me are having to resort to and use the anti-aging remedies just to stay employed long enough to be to afford to retire. Young old people. However the same is true for the younger grow trying to demonstrate their wisdom.  Just watch one of the commercials for men’s hair color.

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