Retirement – A dream come true, or a scary movie!

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Retirement, like getting married or raising a child, didn’t come with any instructions or a how to book.  We were just expected to know what to do.  Well if you’ve worked the largest majority of your life retirement was always a dream, and dreams are not reality.  It doesn’t matter if you retired with or without money the same types of issues arise.

What are you going to do with possibly 30 years of life in retirement?

No more turning or off the alarm

I can still recall listening to colleagues dreaming of retirement.  They would talk about how great it was going to be not having to get up early in the morning and fight the traffic to get to work.  How they would be able to play golf and not have to worry about getting a Tee time.  Others talked about traveling whenever they wanted and not having to juggle around peak travel times or school holidays.


Dream one — Not having to wake up early:

Next morning you wake up early, don’t want to miss a minute of life left, or was it simply because of your internal alarm clock, geared for work over the last few decades, went off?

Well, you’re awake, so let’s get up and at it.

Isn’t it great not to have rush out the door to catch a bus or get in the car and face the traffic or another day on the job?

no more catching a crowded train.

Okay, slow down, let’s think about this over coffee.

Okay, ready to sit and have a leisurely coffee, without having to watch clock?  Now, where’s my coffee partner?

Oh, that’s rights they are still working, long gone out the door.  You forgot that it is rare for both parties to retire on the same day or at the same time.

Now it’s time to find new coffee partners.  Most of us have coffee shops near by, why not go get a coffee and strike up a  conversation with someone at the next table.  Consider it like the first day at a new job.  You had to make new friends and meet new people, well retirement is no different.  So get up, get out and say hi to someone new.

To be cont’d……

Coming Soon – The Retirement Training – Long over due!

It’s your attitude that will get you every time, awareness may be next

You hear me often write about how your attitude can help or hurt you as you get older.  Awareness is one of the keys to making it work for you not against you.

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This short video – part of the larger course on Conscious Aging-  provides more information

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Which bridge are you about to cross?

Some bridges create fear, but fear of what?

No matter what your current age you will have bridges to cross. Just getting to the age you are now you will have crossed many already. The difference it seems to be as you get older some of the new bridges bring fear and some pain.


Some bridges can be scary.

These can be overcome if you know you approaching them, they are more difficult when they just suddenly appear.

Fear is something that grows within you.  Sure you may always have been afraid of the dark but, that fear doesn’t appear until it is dark. You are not afraid of it in the day time, you were not afraid of it yesterday in the bright sunlight. No, you became afraid when that sunlight turned to night. Many people that are afraid of the dark won’t have the same fear on a starlit night.

The most common fear is fear of the unknown Click To Tweet and for some reason, that fear increases as you age.

The most common Fear is of the unknown and for some reason, that fear increases as you age.

So the question is what can you do about it?  Well, you can start with identifying some of your fears and creating a list of them.


They of which can be as simple as
asking a stranger a question;
making small talk with a social gathering;
or driving to an unfamiliar location


Next look at that list and prioritize them 0 being the least fearful or least anxious for you and 10 being the most fearful.

The fear list

Then starting with the situation that causes the least anxiety determine how you can face that fear head on, in your own way and at your own chosen time.  Let’s say making small talk has you a little anxious, and you have a social gathering coming up.

If you are aware of the purpose of the gather perhaps you could find one or two topics related to it that you find interesting.  Next, you can make a list of things you could ask about on those topics.  Then just before the gathering review the list so that they are fresh in your mind.  Then when you meet someone you can ask one of those questions.   By doing this you take control of not only your fears but also the situation. Most people are happy to answer (nonpersonal) questions on topics of interest.  Even if they don’t know the answer the question will ‘break the ice’ as they say and open up some type of dialogue.  By doing this you then don’t have to be fearful of someone engaging you and being fearful of how to respond.

Using the same process work through the rest of your concerns and develop your way own way of crossing that bridge when it comes.