Don’t waste time on the obvious when it comes to aging

Now is the time to take time to smell the roses, even if you have to buy them. Click To Tweet

The obvious is boring!  Now is our time to be outrageous!

dance whenever the music of life strikes you

Outrageously Happy

We’ve all heard the saying – dance like no one is watching – but have you ever done it?  Probably not.  Now is the time to dance, sing and yes laugh out loud as though no one can see or hear you.  And now is the time to do it with caring even if someone is watching.

Outrageously Adventurous

take every opportunity to do what is least expected of you

Another familiar phrase is – take time to smell the roses – well have you?  Now is the time to step into the garden doesn’t matter whose garden, but step in and step to take in the fragrance of life.  Were you the kid who was afraid to pick the apple hanging over the fence from the neighbor’s tree?  If so go find a tree and take the apple.  It is the privilege of age that will allow you to get away with it.

Outrageously relevant

Don’t look longingly at that rocking chair in the corner unless you are going to use it to rock to the music of your youth.  Being relevant means doing the unexpected. Be relevant in life, by doing what you want, when you want.  But most of all “want” to do something.  Don’t allow life to walk on by. The day will come soon enough when watching may be all you can do.  For now, fight every urge to just observe.


Beware of the Anti-Aging Curse

No matter where you look, everyone is obsessing about aging and is on some anti-aging crusade.  Aging is, always has been and always will be a fact of life.  But the pharmaceutical companies are making a killing out of our refusal to age.  No one these days thinks that aging as graceful and they are not about to do so willingly.  With all the lotions and potions as well as plastic surgery available if you can afford it, you can look 10 if not 15 years younger than you are.

How old is old?

So is the anti-aging movement a blessing or a curse? 

Does everyone need or even want to look like they are their daughter’s or even son’s friend instead of a parent?  Well, let me tell you what I’ve learned?  Some people need and do want to.  These are not movie stars.  Simple everyday people like you and me are having to resort to and use the anti-aging remedies just to stay employed long enough to be to afford to retire.

Young old people.

However the same is true for the younger grow trying to demonstrate their wisdom.  Just watch one of the commercials for men’s hair color.  They are telling you what a hair color does for your career.  Who’ve guessed that brown hair won’t help you get a job, now you need what we used to call “salt and pepper” hair color.  Women in their 30’s are flocking to their hairdressers asking to have their hair stripped and redyed Gray.  Why?  Because they need to look older to get a job.  Young men in their late 20’s are doing the same thing although not as drastic.  They opt for gray in a bottle and brush it into their temple hair.

Little do the companies know that the seemingly (based on looks) experienced team they just hired a) will not be able to the job with any proficiency and b) that the new generation of workers will leave when they get the same treatment give the truly seasoned personnel.

Old young people

The older actually experienced people are now turning their attention to looking younger.  Some color their hair, while others opt to a lotions or potions that promised to remove the lines and signs of aging.  Some me are even opting to shave their heads
in an attempt to disguise their age. The challenge comes when they now have to work harder and longer to keep up with the truly younger, inexperienced and less dedicated workers.This anti-aging thing can also be a curse to many unsuspecting companies looking to replace their aging personnel.  The last laugh will be on those that systematically get rid of their aging population which now far outnumber the  “more energetic” group,  only to find themselves left in the dust with a younger workforce who lack “experienced” and are unable to perform.

As for the truly older group, having to keep up with the fake middle age group, proving your worth maybe easier if you stick to demonstrating your knowledge base instead of attempting to prove your stamina.  The bottom line is that everyone is caught up on the Anti-aging curse in different and distinct ways.


Just glance at life in the rear view mirror but don’t stare at it

Looking at life going forward and inward may result in seeing a  better future


Looking back has some of us focusing on the wrong things

While it is common to look at your life in review as I wrote in an earlier post it is important not to do so with regret.  Which is a thing too many of us do as we get older.  Looking back needs only a glance to remember the good things and experiences we had.  Yet when we look back at the things that we feel were not good or bad experiences we dwell on them.  That must be why they say happiness is a fleeting thing.

It doesn’t have to be! You can make it last when you resolved to hold dear the good and shed the bad. This is one of the benefits of meditation.  I will be the first to admit am not great at meditation, or so I thought because my mind is constantly jumping from this, to that, and to another thought. Keeping my mind still seems an impossible task.  But I have learned there are different types of meditation and if you have the same concern I had, I would encourage you to check out the options.

find a quiet spot and just breathe

Researching the benefits of meditation I learned that it can

Help you to leave fear, anxiety and worry behind

Help to Harness your creative imagination 

Help at any time of the day to renew your energy and spirit.

So why am I writing about meditation when the topic is about reflection?  It is because if you find yourself reflecting too often on the bad things in your past you might find meditation helpful.  It may help your to get beyond those thoughts of regret and move you forward to the good thoughts of your future.

During my research, I discovered that there are many, many different types of meditation.   I have not looked at them all in depth, but have settled on one particular type that fits more with my view of life and what I write about.  It is called Mindfulness.

Here is a brief description:

Mindfulness is a Buddhist tradition. The Buddhist term sati translates to ‘mindfulness’ and breathes life into the practice. Practicing mindfulness is helpful in understanding natural wisdom (which I believe we all possess). It is all about acknowledging reality by letting the mind wander, accepting any thoughts that come up, and understanding the present.

The practice is done by sitting with eyes closed, crossed legs (something I can not do so I improvise),  the back straight, and attention placed on breathing in and out. For the period of meditation varies from individual to individual and focuses on his or her breathing, and when wandering thoughts (of which I have many)  emerge, you simply return to focusing on the object of meditation, breathing.

What made me focus on this type was learning that research found that a regimen of mindfulness can reduce anxiety, depression, and perceived distress.

These 3 issues are so common for all of us as we get older I felt that perhaps learning the mindfulness technique of meditation would be useful to not only me but my readers as well.