My how times have changed and we need to keep up!

A music channel the other day was playing a song titled “forty and fading”.   It was recorded in the 50’s when many of us now Oldies were young.  It was both amusing and disconcerting.  I can’t imagine anyone today thinking of fading in their forties.  Many would say that they are in the prime of their life. One might say I’m 40 and what have I done, while another might say I’m forty and look what I’ve done! I know two men in their 40’s who expressed each of those thoughts.  Oddly enough both have good jobs, and both were just starting their MBA.  One is excited about where it will take him in the future.  The other is concerned that by the time he is through the courses and gets his degree, he will be too old to benefit from it. It will be interesting to see where these thoughts take both of them when they join the fifty plus group. My thoughts were taken to those of use who are passed the 50 plus group.  Even we can not give up on keeping educated.  Education that ends with a graduation, no longer means you are finished.  No matter what (more…)

Children Face More Stress Today

Our children  face more stress than we could ever imagine. There seem to be more bullies today, which when my children or I went to elementary school.  Oh, I can remember kids that didn’t like other kids.  Kids that said unkind things to other kids, but nowadays they seem to have to take just the little bit farther.  The old “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me” is just that “old”.   The words are harsher and do hurt, the stick and stones become steel rods and rocks. It is important to listen when children talk When I listen to my granddaughter talk about what this boy or girl did or said at school I just cringe.  I worry about how all of this affects her emotionally.  I know my daughter, and her husband do whatever they can to provide her with a safe open environment.  And my husband and I often reminded her that she can talk to us if mommy or daddy are not available for whatever reason, and tell us if something is not right at school or when playing with friends or if she even thinks someone is bullying her.At six, (more…)

Aging happens no matter what, why hurry the process

How you age is up to you.   How we age really comes down to how we live. Unlike our parents, the aging process is something we’ve come to realize is more up to us than a result of pure genetics. Yes, genetics play a big part on how we look physically, but they are not the only source of how we look as we age. These days there are many options available to lessen the physical effects of aging, even so, there are things that we do that can cause us to age more rapidly. Smoking is no longer COOL- Some get it, some don’t, or maybe they just won’t until it’s too late. So why do we still help rush the process!   In a time when looking old is one of the most feared effects of aging it seems ridiculous that there are those of us who continue to live with little care of their future health. They continued to smoke even after the deadly effects of it were told loud and clear. The effects of aging now show on their faces, mostly as deep lines around the eyes and lips for some reason.   Then there are the sun lovers, (more…)