Wait Time

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How many of us that travel, be it on holiday, visiting family or even on business spend a more time waiting than actually flying.  Just look at the list of waiting:

  1. Check in,
  2. Boarding time (these days you have to check 2 hours before for any out of country flight),
  3. Getting seated (there is always a hold up as people stow their carry on stuff),
  4. Taking off (more planes more planes in the queue),
  5. To get off the plane,
  6. For luggage,
  7. For a taxi or shuttle
  8. To check in at the hotel

By the time this all done we have to wait for tomorrow to do anything because we’re too tired.

Isn’t funny that as we have waited for what seems a long time from planning to doing that the actual destination seems like a let down.

I mean the excitement starts at the planning stage but everything after that is spent waiting.

The older I get the less patient I seem to be with the whole waiting things.  Now when we plan our trips we do so with this in mind.  Heck time is getting in short supply these days.

Young people are always rushing to something, and busy, busy, busy, doing, and they have a lot more to do so.  We seniors have less time to do whatever we want to do.

So the question is how do we maximize our time and minimize the wait time?

I’m open to ideas.




Walking with Weight

How often do we hear people (usually thin people) and doctors say -if you want to lose weight just walk 20 minutes?

Image409We’ll I’ve tried that and guess what I did lose a little weight.  So right off the bat, I started walking to work.  Under most circumstances that would be the right thing to do, walking or any form of exercise is said to give you energy.   The problem is that when you walk with weight, in the beginning, it makes you very tired.  I would get to work exhausted.  So I crossed that off the list and started just to walk home.  Sure I was tired when I got home, but I didn’t have to think too much at home.

I did this for about weeks and lost a couple of lbs. while at the same time discovering I wasn’t quite as tired when I got home.  So I thought I would try the walk to work again and was surprised to find I wasn’t tired at all.  Mind you the walk home was a little more difficult for the first few days.  But I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t losing much weight very fast.

The one thing those people didn’t tell me was that it takes a long time to lose weight this way, and of course, I was looking for a quick fix. Well, that doesn’t exist and for those that claim it does, trying watching them, lose fast, gain back, even more, weight and faster.

At my age yo-yo, dieting is neither healthy nor wise.  I have tried a couple of those green coffee bean pills, but all they did was make me feel as bad as that first day I tried walking to work.

As I get older, and I hope smarter I need to do what I counsel (smarty pants that I am) others to do is not fall for these things so called quick fix solutions. I also realize I need to take more control of what I eat.    Now don’t get me wrong some of these things may work, heck Doctor Oz says they do.  But I think he is speaking to women under 50 not someone over 60 or like myself past 70.

I don’t know if you fit that profile, but if you do, I would suggest you do as I did and start with the walking. Then progress to changing your diet.

As I said the walking wasn’t working very quickly, and I got worried that I wasn’t doing enough, but I didn’t have time to do much more.  I had even started walking at lunch and by accident, you might say, I discovered that I didn’t have time to grab a fast food lunch.  Then the most surprising thing happened the more energy I got, the hungrier I was, but I had no appetite for fast food.


I craved wholesome food like yogurt, fruit, and homemade salad.  Even at night, when I did not have the energy to cook and would pull something from the freezer I managed to changed my eating from frozen dinners.  I somehow had the energy to cook fresh.  My favorite dinner turned out to be a combo of chicken breast, peppers, peas and onions stir-fry sauce and brown rice.  No fuss no muss, quick and easy.t

Now I have to admit this to many will not be earth-shattering news, but it was to me when I weigh myself just three weeks later and found I had lost 17 lbs.

And that to me was Amazing.  Sadly it has not been maintained in semi-retirement, but more on that in another post.

Summertime Breathes Life into more than the Flowers

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy going out on our deck in the morning to have coffee.  I can see green grass and since the neighbours asked to use our pasture again  watch the cows and their calves munching away.  I can also see our flowers that we have decided this year to put in pots, container gardening is what they call it.

Last year we attempted to become gentlemen farmers and that didn’t work out too well. So rather than kill plants and waste the over abundance  we somehow managed to get from our tomatoes and green peppers we decided we stick to  smaller size planting and just add flowers. Those I can water from the kitchen tap while having coffee.  The garden required my husband hauling water in a bucket from the rain barrel.

bounty from the garden

Oh, yes and I forgot about these huge squashes that no one could identify.  They certainly were not the spaghetti squash I thought I had planted.

IMG_0634 IMG_0635

Another thing that changed our minds about gardening were our neighbours.  I don’t know about where you live, but like I wrote in my book, even when you don’t know or see your neighbours very much, they know you are there.  Our neighbours know who we are, where we come from and how old we are even if visits with them are few and far between.  We often come home to find a box of oranges or tomatoes or apples sitting outside our front door.  So planting a garden which if truth be known in our clay like soil was more that a small challenge, seem to be a waste of food and our limited energy.

It is amazing how wonderful the sun is to look at when you sit back and just enjoy and how harsh it can be when you have to toil in it all day.  I’m for sitting back and just watching these days.  Besides, given how short our summer is I’d rather use the time on something less productive – heck we are retired we don’t have any deadlines to meet.  So the life summertime breathes back into us needs to use for our pleasure not more self-imposed work.