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Your Brain Doesn’t Quit Working Just Because You Do.

So what happens to your brain when you do retire? No matter what your previous job it required you to use your brain.  Just because you no longer work, your brain still needs to.  Without your brain working, you would cease to exist.  Your brain delivers the messages your body requires to move, eat, see and live.  So your job in retirement should be making sure your brain remains active and in good working order. Your options for keeping your brain engaged are more varied now than ever.  You can challenge your mind and your memory by taking part in board games, crossword puzzles and numerical challenges paper based or online.   Take your book outside. Who would have guessed that a favorite pass time could offer such important benefits. Click To Tweet   Reading may seem an unlikely candidate for providing mind and memory support. However, it appears that reading is, in fact, a good resource. Reading hard copy or digital works the brain in some ways that you may not have considered.  Reading fiction works your brain by having to remember people, their names and their place in some intricately woven story thread. The subject Matter doesn’t really Matter.

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Never give up or give in when it comes your mind and your memory.

An active mind is the best medicine when it comes to keeping the memory intact.     The Brain’s potential is only limited by the body that owns it.   We all experience some issues with minds and memory but dismissing them is not an option as you get older.  Accepting those lapses with “that is just what happens as you get older” is giving in and giving up on yourself. And it only happens when we get too lazy to challenge old beliefs. Loss of your mind and memory are a common concern as we age, but it isn’t always a foregone conclusion of some sinister disease.  No matter what your current age you can help to ward off issues.  Minds and memory have a little of the “use or lose it” mantra associated with them. Your mind doesn’t stop work just because you do. Click To Tweet.   So if you are on the retirement short list as the song goes – don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Get this short report on Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Mind Power Click here to get the report Getting older does have your brain slowing just a little.  What do you

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Live life with audacity not impatience

  Live Life Our Way One benefit of aging is that we no longer have to worry about how to live life.  Growing older gives us license to be audacious.  Living life on our terms makes life so much simpler than trying to live up to other people’s expectations How will you live your 30 years of retirement? Click To Tweet Thankfully we are now at a place in our lives when we can take comfort from the song – it’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to.  Don’t remember it?  Well, then I guess you at the age where you being audacious is viewed as disrespectful.  Have reached or being close to retirement age disrespect is something we seniors now refuse to accept and do so with audacity. It’s Our Party For those of you that do remember the song, we don’t want to cry we want to shout from the rooftops that not only is this now our party it is our time! We are now able to Live Life our way without living up to someone else’s expectations.   [powr-comments id=2162f10a_1484769171658] So if we seem to live with impatiences it is a result of wanting to live

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