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The Conversation will occur, why not start it

Where do you want to spend your retirement? How do you want to spend your retirement? When we wait too long to tell our family what our plans are, often they are the ones doing the… Click To Tweet Whether you are 50, 60 and yes possibly even  70 and still working, the subject of retirement has probably come up. If you are already retired then the topic of what you are going to do as you get older will dominate.  Regardless of which it is this conversation is one that really needs to happen. But it is a  conversation that will go better if you are the one to start it. The best time of times happen when planned. When I wrote the book about helping aging parents I really wasn’t thinking of myself or my own need to have the conversation. I would guess that most of you also don’t believe that the conversation is needed at this moment. Well, I think we are both wrong. The conversation will be needed, and for my part, I would rather be the instigator than feeling I am be conspired against. I also think that the older we get the more

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The Most Painful State of Being is Considering the Future

Getting older has many people thinking about what the future holds. Pondering the unknown comes down to brooding and has us considering the worst. Some of us worry about what the future hold while others are brave enough to put worry aside and create their own bright future.  We all know that what the future holds will forever be a mystery until it arrives, what some of us don’t realize is that we create the environment for that arrival. See the wonders of a bright and wonderful future When we stop brooding and being fearful of what’s to come we have more time to set in motions things we want to come.  So what does you vision of the future look like? What are your main concerns and how can you turn those concerns into something more positive?  When you consider the future in this way the pain of it will disappear. Living longer and worrying more can have us lingering in desolation. With the new predictions of retirement lasting 30+ years just sitting around worrying about it could take a long time. That worry can result in many more years of being constantly anxious about tomorrow.  Brooding and worrying have

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Temporary Solutions result in permanent mistakes

Short Term vs Long Term Solutions Make a plan We all have a tendency to pick short term over the long term when we have issues that need addressing.  Planning when it come to our job or even our kids seem to come easy.  Heck, we would want our kids to miss out on getting on the team for their favorite sport.  Getting there requires making room for the time slot in the family schedule.  Paying for equipment isn’t in the immediate budget so we have to make a plan for the fees over the long term.  And if we don’t  the longer term and lasting negative effect on the family can become untenable. Mistakes that Last If we could do it for our kids why is it that we don't for ourselves. Click To Tweet One mistake that will last a lifetime was when we learned how to save for the school and sports fees but failed to learn how to save for our retirement.  Many of us didn’t and in fact, the plan for paying for the kid’s stuff came out of our retirement plan.  As the saying goes there no use crying over slipped milk.     spilled

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