Mr. In-Between

Have you ever felt like you were sitting out side of everything?  Always watching and never really part of any of it. That is how I felt for as long as I can remember.  When I was growing up there was a song by someone you’ve probably never heard of.  HIs name was Burl Ives and this song he sang seemed to be talking about me (even though he was singing about a man).  The name of it was Mr In-between.  I seemed to be, always too young for one thing but too old for another.  To old to play, too young to date.  I was too inexperienced for one job, but over qualified for another. I could go on but I think you get the point.  Today some of that has changed, almost, by the internet.  Although I admit I am still left with the feeling of being somewhat like Mr. In-between.  My friends on one side are retired, many bored and others just plain tired. Other whom I tell what I am doing  can’t for the life of them understand why I would be interested in any thing to do with the internet.  Many of them can barely email and (more…)

Welcome to Healthy Wealthy Aging,

Providing you a personal perspective on how to Live the Best Rest of Your Life If you have reached this site then you and I are not that different. Being several years past the prescribed seniors age, I am looking to live the Best Rest of My life.  It has been said that we often teach what we most need to learn. Well,  if that is true then this site is my way of teaching what I am learning about how to live the life I want, where I want, how I want, when I want. Now that may sound selfish to some, but I heard a young celebrity in ad for luxury cars say this: Taking care of yourself does more than just your care of yourself. And I thought how appropriate for us as we age.  Why?  Because in truth the more we do to look after ourselves the more we do for our families and society. How so you ask? Well consider how our kids feel as they watch us age.  Most of them are constantly concerned about our well being, what will happen if we get sick, are we eating enough, are we able to look after ourselves, and what will happen when we (more…)

Making Money Makes Sense

No matter what your age, making money makes sense. I have read that children that learn early on how to make money, be it from selling Girl Guide Cookie, getting people to give them money in support of some charity, or simply earning their allowance, are more successful in attaining wealth as they get older. As we age we our need to make money (for most of us) doesn’t change. The difference is that a) many of us didn’t learn how when were young b) the opportunities changed as we got older. But that should never stop us from being willing to learn how to earn. One of the best examples of that is a man by the name of Brian Tracy. Goodness I think he is even older than me, but he still learns and earns by teaching others what he has learned. You could learn something yourself by listening to him and maybe earn some money to increase you wealth at the same time. Making money when you are older not only improves your net worth but your life. I won’t say it will make you happier but I once heard someone saying (maybe Jane Fonda) that being (more…)