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Are your prepared for 30 years of Retirement? No.

Well, to tell the truth not many of us are.  10 Years ago it was the farthest thing from our mind and when we looked at our grandparents 10 years after retirement seem iffy.  Now it appears not only is 20 years most likely, 30 years is quite possible.  Planning for those additional years requires some thought.   That is where the site comes into play, not only we do write about it, we are living it.


A senior myself and having witnessed the good and the bad of living longer I feel it is important for us to be prepared for both.  And that is what this blog helps you with. Having siblings that were 14 to 20 years my senior, a grandmother that lived to 101, a mother who lived to 93 and a mother-in-law 97, I’ve  had first-hand experience of many things covered.  I am confident that had any of them known what I now know it would have changed for the better how they lived out their golden years.

Knowledge is power, being empowered allows you to be prepared for a bright future.


That knowledge and experience is what I intend to use to help the rest of us live happier and less stressful lives.  Knowledge is power and the goal is to empower as may people as I can and to give them the tools live the life they deserve.

We are living longer and healthier lives which is great but doing so also has its challenges.   Those challenges range from how and where you will live to what you will do with all that time.  They also will be about how you can help your aging parents as well as help your children.  Being aware of what those challenges are and how to be prepared for them is what we share through our blog, our books, and online courses.

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Reports say that by 2020 the over 50 population will make up 35% of the total population. Those reports also say that this demographic change will put a tremendous strain on the world’s healthcare systems.  Our goal is to help our readers to not become part of the problem by helping them to stay informed about what they can do to help themselves.

So join us to gain the knowledge of what your options are for living healthy, living happily as you live longer.

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